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What “Functioning” Depression Looks Like

If you’ve ever experienced depression, you know exactly when your worst moment was, your rock bottom. Some of us hit rock bottom more than once. Sometimes we feel like we are always at the bottom o… Source: What "Functioning" Depression Looks... Continue Reading →


You have the Ability to do Anything (5 pieces of Advice)

Tale 15

I seem to be losing my mind. I hear faint screams, In the middle of the night, They sound like my mother's, Everyone says I am imagining it, I seem to be losing my mind. I see bruises, marks and... Continue Reading →

Smoothies and Beauties :P

Good Morning!! Why the extra two exclamation marks? Because I am feeling all rejuvenated and healthy after having my usual morning fruit smoothie and then of course a jog around the garden. The smoothie recipes?  AllRecipes ' Orange and Banana... Continue Reading →

My reading list 2017

I keep reading books through out the year..Hard copies,online..anywhere and everywhere...And still somehow, I have soo many books that I want to read, but haven't found a copy of. So that's what comprises my Reading List of 2017. Here goes:... Continue Reading →


The Return Of Zombie Girl 101

Zombie Mode is back... (Refer to the previous episode of Zombie Girl 101: Pumpkins and the Zombie Girl )...And this time it's due to late night reading,and waaaaay too much TV. What am I watching these days? Baby Daddy (at... Continue Reading →

Tale 14

​It had been a beautiful day when I set my eyes upon her for the first time. From my place atop the window, I could see the rays of light hit the glass, and sparkle. There seemed to be magic... Continue Reading →


The Blue Code

Situation Of Ramayana : The Prince of Lanka, is beheaded by the valiant prince, Lakshmana in the epic battle for Sita. Ravana’s army is left shell shocked and faces certain defeat as they retreat for the day. Ravana, their mighty emperor watches them crumble under fear for their life and steps out of his golden palace to talk to them……

“…You have lost your prince. He fought bravely, and you hold testimony to his courage. But his head rolls on the bloodied ground. He therefore will no longer win you this war. You my brothers, will. I hear your heart mumble a question. Question that holds in itself power to destroy every one of us.  What am I asking of you? And who am I to ask you for anything?  I’m your aging Emperor, yes. But then life is more glorious and death more devastating. So why do I matter…

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