In Search Of The Missing A

Everything,from coffee to books,to shoes and stars

Tale 16

'Too thin, all bones and skin, Too fat,we can roll you down the hill,on and on and on. Your clothes are too tight, who do plan to seduce tonight? All covered up? Frumpy old lady, loosen up. Hey there, you... Continue Reading →


Shape of you and Maggi

Hey beautiful people!! I know, it's been ages since I have posted anything. I have been super busy writing on other platforms, I apologize for that (covers face). Where do I write? Well, there's Mirakee (, and there is Wattpad.... Continue Reading →

What “Functioning” Depression Looks Like

If you’ve ever experienced depression, you know exactly when your worst moment was, your rock bottom. Some of us hit rock bottom more than once. Sometimes we feel like we are always at the bottom o… Source: What "Functioning" Depression Looks... Continue Reading →

You have the Ability to do Anything (5 pieces of Advice)

Tale 15

I seem to be losing my mind. I hear faint screams, In the middle of the night, They sound like my mother's, Everyone says I am imagining it, I seem to be losing my mind. I see bruises, marks and... Continue Reading →

Smoothies and Beauties :P

Good Morning!! Why the extra two exclamation marks? Because I am feeling all rejuvenated and healthy after having my usual morning fruit smoothie and then of course a jog around the garden. The smoothie recipes?  AllRecipes ' Orange and Banana... Continue Reading →

My reading list 2017

I keep reading books through out the year..Hard copies,online..anywhere and everywhere...And still somehow, I have soo many books that I want to read, but haven't found a copy of. So that's what comprises my Reading List of 2017. Here goes:... Continue Reading →


The Return Of Zombie Girl 101

Zombie Mode is back... (Refer to the previous episode of Zombie Girl 101: Pumpkins and the Zombie Girl )...And this time it's due to late night reading,and waaaaay too much TV. What am I watching these days? Baby Daddy (at... Continue Reading →

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