Disclaimer: Yes, this post is about periods. Menstruation. Call it whatever you want. If that makes you feel disgusted, you may stop reading now.Thank you.

When God created men and women, he or she (let’s keep our minds open here) created them equal. But for some very odd reason it was felt necessary to add an additional feature to the women. A monthly dose of pain 😛 (No do not argue with me about how it’s biologically necessary. No matter which perspective we think in, I am sure it could have been avoided. ) But anyways, what’s done is done and here we are. A few days every month of blood, pain and agony.

There are a variety of terms used to refer to the same thing. Periods. Menstruation.Menses. ‘That Time Of The Month’… it’s a long list. My personal favorite remains : ‘ The Monthly Horror Story’.

It is different for everyone. There are women who feel very light pain. There are ones who can’t move for the first few days due to pain caused by the cramps. For some it lasts around 3-5 days. For some, it extends to 8 days..Some don’t even get periods. YES. Let us get it into our minds that things are different for everyone and the same applies here. (Of course let’s not forget the weird species of women that they depict in TV ads, who wear white jeans and go rock climbing on the first day of their period..Okayyyyy then 😛)

Now why are we discussing this? Because we need to. Because we need awareness. Also, some amount of compassion. But more on all this later.

From all the years of talking to guys and girls, me and my friends have received so many crazy questions and unwanted opinions that I could go on and on.

“What is that?Is that adult diapers?”

“Isn’t it like peeing?Can’t you just stop the flow of blood for a while?Just hold on.”

“Okay, stop overacting. It doesn’t cause me that much pain also. All your crying and fainting isn’t necessary.”

So on…And trust me, it’s not just the guys who are unaware. Girls too don’t realize that not everyone is the same and that maybe what the other person is going through is far worse.

But on the bright side, there are so many guys who, when they know that you are on your period, will make sure you are comfortable and feeling okay. And say what you want about girls being each other’s biggest enemies,but if anyone ( the girl you hate the most or the one you are friends with) asks you for a tampon or a pad, if you have an extra one, you give it to them. No questions asked. If you don’t have one, you give the required change to get one from a vending machine or grocery store. Basically, you help. (It makes me so so happy that nearly everyone follows this rule. There is hope for the world 😛)

Awareness makes all the difference. And it affects everyone on a day to day basis. Have you seen people go to stores to buy a box of tampons or pads, and come out with it wrapped in like a ton of newspapers? Cause I have. (We aren’t buying a shovel to bury a dead body!! To hide it from everyone.) There are so many stories that come out of girls being bullied in schools when they get their period for the first time. (and no, it’s not restricted to villages like we ‘high-class city-based oh-we-are-so-educated’ people think.)

We need awareness. We need sensitivity. (and in some cases we need common sense.)

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In Nepalwomen are still banished to ‘menstrual huts’ during their periods. 

Awareness combined with action. Now that might work. Any other ideas?

To end here’s my 5 main cramp-fighting buddies:

  • Dark chocolate 
  • Green tea
  • Hot water bag
  • Bananas and oranges
  • Lots and lots of water

What’s yours?

Until we meet again,

Stay safe, stay happy, and stay aware :*