Sun sets on another day, 

There hasn’t been much work, 

Forget pay;

Seeds remain seeds, 

Stomachs remain the same, 

Begging on streets, 

Shame, what shame? 

Ropes cost less, 

Vomit, not blood, makes more mess

Another sunrise, 

Another sunset, 

Kids don’t move, 

Nothing to fret;

No rain tomorrow,

Nothing to wash away the sorrow, 

So why cope, 

I take the rope;

Adding a couple of months of life, 

For my dearest wife, 

Since my death shall say, 

And the policy will pay. 

And I,

Finally in peace I lay. 

In India, more than 12,000 farmers commit suicide every year, due to monsoon failure and high debts. All around the world, farming is one of the occupations with the highest suicide rates, as compared to other occupations. Little has been done to improve this. 

Talk about the issue, create awareness, raise money and more importantly dont try to cheat, or haggle money out of the poor farmers or wholesalers. They are just trying to survive. 

Food for thought, yes?