It’s June!! In this part of the world, it’s the month when schools and colleges close and everyone is way too free, but can’t step out cause of the blazing heat (Read around 38degree Celsius).

Well it’s the best month to use all your free time for a good cause. Distribute water bottles to the laborers, clean your cupboards and go donate all that clothes and books that you bought on a whim and never used.

But for those of you who can’t (or won’t 😉 ) step out, there are multiple ways to make a difference. Here are a few of the charities and causes that I donate to, or are close to me:

  • Air Arabia’s Charity Cloud


If you are a frequent traveler to and from the Gulf, and use budget friendly airlines, you would have traveled by Air Arabia. (I have anyways 😛 ) Now this airlines has something called the Charity Cloud. All you have to do, to donate, is put any spare change you have with you, or any amount of money, into the envelope in front of your seat in the flight. As easy as that.

Air Arabia uses this money to set up training centers, clinics and schools all around the world. They also help in renovation of houses, autism walks and much more. Read more about it here.

  • Seva Mandir’s Send A Child To School In India Program


This is an non-profit organization based in India. Among there various program for development, is the Send a child in India to school program. Now there are multiple ways to volunteer with them, work and fund-raise also. Check it out here.

But for those of us who aren’t in India or who can’t directly take part, is the online donations part. It is estimated that to send a child to school for 2 months, Rs 500 is required. In dollars, that’s 7.77. In Dirhams, 28.5 AED.

Which means, we can easily sponsor a child’s one year of education. What are you waiting for then?


  • Mission Bambini’s Children’s Heart program


This organization supports children around the world who suffer from poverty, sickness, lack of education or have experienced physical or moral violence.  Their Children’s Heart program is to save children with serious heart disease, born in the poorest countries. They also train foreign doctors to treat in these areas, diagnose and screen the children and to ultimately save them.

Half of the children born with the heart diseases in these poor countries, won’t survive beyond the first year. And rest of them will suffer from serious difficulties and growth problems.

What can we do?

Start fundraising. You can do that here. This is a wonderful way to spread awareness and use the social presence you have, for a worthy cause.


  • Donate by SMS

There are multiple charities that accept donations by SMS. All you have to do is SMS the amount you want to donate , to a specific number. The amount will automatically be taken from your credit, in your sim card. For instance, for Etisalat users in U.A.E, you can donate to Al Ihsan Charity Association, like this.


You see, you don’t even have to step out of your house, to make a big difference. Donate, build awareness, sign pledges. Oh on the topic of signing pledges, there is MARD. Men Against Rape and Discrimination, a social campaign launched by Bollywood actor/director/singer Farhan Akhtar. While there are multiple events happening with relation to this,it’s mainly about the pledge. To spread the values of gender values, gender equality and to instill this value in others. Check it out here.


That’s all for today folks! Stay blessed 🙂