‘Too thin, all bones and skin,
Too fat,we can roll you down the hill,on and on and on.
Your clothes are too tight, who do plan to seduce tonight?
All covered up? Frumpy old lady, loosen up.
Hey there, you the ladder girl, why don’t you advertise Complan?
Shortie, you I can barely see,
who will you marry?
Buffaloes only have yellow teeth,
Your wig can’t hide that you are bald beneath,
Cover that face, take out your make up case,
Oh wait, close that shut, now you look like a slut.
Look at your face, scars and marks,
Yes it’s us talking, the sharks.
No we aren’t happy,
No matter what you do with your body,
Why don’t you, disappear already?
Become like me, else don’t be,
There is something called individuality? ‘
I slash, slash all day,
Maybe I can become what they say,
Red more red,
Now I am dead.

Nothing, I mean nothing excuses body shaming. It’s not alright to make someone feel ashamed of how they look. If you can’t find anything to compliment in them (which is impossible since people have the most beautiful eyes, hands that are so nimble..), then at least don’t try to pull them down.

Food for thought folks 🙂