​It had been a beautiful day when I set my eyes upon her for the first time. From my place atop the window, I could see the rays of light hit the glass, and sparkle. There seemed to be magic in the air, the flowers seemed to have brighter colours, the flies, an extra buzz. 

Maybe it was the surroundings, or maybe she was made this way by God. She redefined beauty. I observed her everyday, and the colours she wore made her stand out. Red, yellow, hot pink… Anything bright and loud. Her friends were like her, but somehow they dulled in comparison to her. 
I had always been an introvert. I kept to myself, interacted with others only if absolutely necessary, and wore black, shades of grey and brown at the most. 
But meeting her, made me want to get close to her. To see what colour her eyes were, what it would feel like, to touch her. 
She wouldn’t come to me. She didn’t even glance once in my direction, and it had been weeks. 
Then one day, I realized, what I should have done long back. I would show her, how much she meant to me. I worked for days, used the best materials, didn’t do anything else just so that this could be completed. 
Just so that the beautiful butterfly would come into my web, entranced by it’s intricacies. I would hold her tight,and never let her go.