My best friend was here recently (her semester ended at the college), so we thought why not go for a movie? And I, as usual, tried to steer her in the direction of a chick flick or superhero movie.. πŸ˜› But no such luck. She won in the end, and we watched Hacksaw Ridge.

It was violent. Very!!. But I loved the film πŸ™‚ The heart and the soul behind the story of a man who saved lives in the World War without picking up a gun. WOW.

Here’s the trailer. Do watch the movie …It’s beautiful πŸ™‚


Recently it was my dad’s birthday, and I made an egg-less chocolate cake for him, with dark chocolate ganache frosting. What I loved about this recipe was that I could use minimal sugar and no egg, and both were substituted by the condensed milk. It was yummm πŸ˜› Here’s the recipe.

To end, there is this:

Kind of on repeat πŸ˜›

Have a great day everyone πŸ™‚ Stay safe, and stay happy :*