Good morning (or afternoon/evening/night based on your time zone :P)!!

Being a shopaholic and a foodie, in Dubai, is def not a small task,especially if your budget and your tastes don’t match. So here’s my guide to surviving the Dubai trip/stay at a budget(and yes, results may vary 😉 ):

  • Make Meena Bazaar your home

Situated in Bur Dubai, this is the go-to place for everything. And I mean everything. From street food like vada pav,pani puri etc, to clothes, jewelry and much more. It’s also one of the best places for bargaining in the U.A.E. (eg: 2dhs worth earrings) So our broke girl,aka me, loves this 😀

  • Travel by the Abra


Be it simply because you want some variety from the usual metro or bus, or to go to The Dubai Festival City, use the Abra. It’s one of the best things to do when the weather is good…A ride along the Creek. (PS: most of them cost around 1Dh only).

  • Eat everything

Okay that wasn’t very specific. But, yes, you can literally find a restaurant for each cuisine, that serves you good food, and doesn’t leave you wondering what to do for more money(no, begging isn’t allowed in Dubai).

Haji Ali Cafeteria, Bait Al Mandi, Shop and Save Restaurant, Al Dimyati & Iskandaron, China Wok…all are good places to start.

  • Subscribe to Gulf News (otherwise log on to their site)

One, their annual book of coupons and vouchers is simply awesome. From 100dhs to spend at Cold Stone to 50% off at most of the local shops in the malls. Two, their news on what events are taking place and when to be where, is usually accurate. This includes info on where Ladies can go free, what are the family days at the exhibition or show nearby, etc. (Important to us, the broke kids :P)

That’s pretty much it at the moment. Although there are plenty of other things to do, I must sign off now. Do tell me if you are broke too, or even if you are not, what are your favorite places to be, in and around Dubai.


Till we meet again, have a nice day. 🙂

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