So firstly, In Search Of The Missing A just crossed 1 thousand followers!!! And I am feeling blessed !! I love you guys :* Thank you so much for the love, the comments , the likes everything 🙂 Here’s to us !! 😀

Now what else is in my mind… Well the one thing, that’s on everyone’s mind actually… The US Elections and the next President,Donald Trump. Of course, not living in the US,nor being an American, I obviously cannot comment on whether Trump or Clinton is the right person, or say what would happen next.


But the whole election fiasco,if I may call it that, has not only resulted in a lot of hatred and mistrust, it has really send the world into chaos. And that too, at a time when the message of  peace should be reinforced.

In relation to the same thing, I noticed, read and watched many things this week, that I feel I had to share with you guys .. Not all of them relate to the elections, but I really did connect with them, so here they are:

  • Michelle Obama’s speech:


I loved this speech. It truly reflects how a leader should be, and how he/her shouldn’t be. And it def shows what a beautiful person she is. A must watch video 🙂

  • This post by Scoopwoop :

“Stop being offended by a Facebook post,by a piece of art, by people displaying their affection. Be offended by war, poverty, injustice and greed.”

A set of quotes that I think we should take up as the mantra to our lives, and live by it.

  • Social experiment on smoking:


It’s a profound video. About caring about yourself and also about smoking, which kills a number of people and causes cancer. Ban smoking, especially in crowded and public areas!!! Passive smoking is known to be even more harmful than active smoking at times.

  • What has Obama done?


I shall just leave this video here.

So that’s all for now. What are your thoughts on the elections and it’s result? Do you think Trump is a good choice? Whether you are a supporter or not, do let me know 🙂

To sign off, have a great, peaceful and happy day 🙂

Stay safe,