I spend this weekend celebrating Diwali (or Deepawali as some people call it), which is basically the Indian Festival of Lights. Now this basically calls for spending time with family and friends and also praying for everyone’s’ well being…But what generally we do is, eat waaayy too many sweets, burst firecrackers, put Rangoli  outside our houses and light up diyas (small lamps ,in which we pour ghee) 😀


This is what Rangoli is… Designs with colored powder on the floors :p Requires next level skills though (and patience which I completely lack :D).

Here’s my guide to not knowing anything about this festival, but still celebrating it in style 😛 :

  • Buy sweets (of every color and size) or make them :

Sweets are a necessity. Trust me on this one 😛 Although it’s less of a hassle to just buy them, you can make it at home too, pretty easily. I made motichoor laddoo and gulab jamun. (Noone died or are suffering from any sort of problems so I think they turned out pretty well 😉 )

  • Light up your house

It’s not simply called the Festival of Lights.Light up your house with lamps, electric lights and even string fairy lights on the balconies …It instantly cheers everyone up and makes everything look prettier 😛 (cue many selfies with a great background) 😀


  • Spend time with your family and friends

This is important!!! Celebrate the start of a new year (this is according to the Indian calendar ) by taking time off from all the hustle bustle of our daily life, and go connect with those you love. Bake a cake with your mom, light crackers with your siblings… you get the drift 😀 As they say, what you do at the start of the year, stays with you through out the year 🙂

Yes, I mentioned the word crackers. And yes I do enjoy bursting all sorts of firecrackers…But it’s time we start cutting back on this.. Pollution (both air and sound), unsafe means, damage to the environment, hurting of animals…the whole set. (Can we burst crackers in a safe and secure way? not sure…requires more research 😛 )

Till then, Have a great day 🙂