I need a playlist to get me through the day. I have like 20 different ones… for classes, for when I am sleepy, for working out, for dancing….you get the drift 😀

And yes, my playlist usually is a mix of new and old songs.. On some days it’s just the sae song on repeat 😛

Here’s my current one :

  • A thousand years

My favorite from the Twilight series soundtrack 🙂 The lyrics and the melody is just so soft and touching … Dinner date or ballroom dance all time fav song 😛


  • I really like you 😛

I really, really, really like this song 😀 It’s so upbeat!! Even some of the covers of this song, by guys, sound so good.. Play this when you are walking across the street or simply sitting in a cafe, to lighten up the mood at once 🙂


  • Ava Enna Enna Thedi Vantha

This one is in Tamil. So the words never made sense to me. But I love it’s tune and the beat throughout. And once you listen to this song, after reading the meaning of it’s line in English, it will stay with you too 🙂 It’s heartbreaking-ly sad but I love this song.

  • Rehnuma 

This and Rock The Party  are from Rocky Handsome and I love these two.  Rehnuma is melodious and soulful while Rock Tha Party is a remix of an older song, but still packs a punch with it’s beats. On repeat 🙂


Listen to these too :

I love listening to songs from almost all genres and any language…But it’s true that most songs I listen to were recommended by my friends. I rarely actually go and find new songs 😛

So what’s on your playlist at the moment?? Be it sad songs, happy songs, or any sort of song…do share 🙂