Ah vacations are done and over, and here I am again,  getting up early in the morning, to drag myself through classes. Half asleep.  But thank God for my backpack, filled with things that are crazy, but things that I consider essential to survival.

Before coming to that, late nights. The only way to get through assignments and exams. Is it just me or do we need more than 24hrs in a day?  Especially when u have teachers who give whole chapters to study the day before and give quizzes that make you question,  whether the exam you are writing, is of the subject you studied. 😥

So here’s my expert advice (I am kidding,  I look like a zombie most days, in class) on how to survive and get an education, without losing your sanity:

  • A hoodie : 

This is a necessity.  Whether you are out of good clothes to wear, your iron box isn’t working or simply it’s too cold outside, this will save your social life. An over-sized one can help when you have eaten waay too much food that week, as well !! 😛

  • Few hair clips, safety pins and at least a pair of earrings:

Important stuff these. Clips are for those hair stands that have a mind of their own and are determined to fly free . ( U can also use them as an emergency paper clip. 😉 ) And safety pins are multi purpose as well!! Pin your clothes in place, poke someone in class or break lockers (not recommended unless it’s yours :D). Earrings are a must for any girl. Be it a stud, something bling-y or just a normal pair,it can elevate your simple dress immediate-ly.

  •  Earphones!!!:

How can one survive without ear phones is beyond me. Effectively use this to ignore anyone, to get a beat going through your head throughout the day, or to tie things up if needed 😛

  • A pack of chewing gum, a box of tictac or a bar of chocolate:

To keep you alive during lectures, wake you up before an exam or simply to lend one out and start a conversation 🙂

Now I have many, many more things in my backpack. Some are of these are: A comb, instant coffee sachet,  sticky notes, tablets for headaches that  threaten to kill you, my aviators, hair ties,  and a bundle of tissues.  Note how this is ‘some’ of the stuff 😛

And God bless whoever came up with the idea of lockers for students!! Mine is generally filled with books, papers and also my emergency food stash 😀

With that in mind, see you guys later.Time to work on yet another un-ending assignment  😦

Till then, Stay happy 🙂