Benedict Cumberatch. SHERLOCK. And now, Doctor Strange. Anyone who hasn’t seen the trailer, need to do so, right now. Here it is:

I think it’s going to be awesome. But that could just be cause I am still Sherlock obsessed :p But still, it looks really promising. Something to look forward to,now that Civil War is out and all. (I still need to recover from that helicopter scene :D). 

In other news, this amazing restaurant I dined in recently, had a chocolate fountain. And marshmallows. Of like every color. Needless to say, I am now looking out for (cheap)  chocolate fountains that can be installed at my house. Do these things come with the chocolate? Or can I just buy a small fountain and instead of water, put chocolate instead?  :p

For now hot chocolate drinks and marshmallows will have to do, I guess. 

Till something else comes up,here’s me signing off. 

 Stay safe and stay happy 🙂