With the Olympics at Rio right around the corner, it’s been on everyone’s lips and all over the news.

Now I admit, I don’t know much about it, since I have been living in a bubble, which covered my family, friends, college and social media. But thanks to the latter, since there are so many posts on this, I did realize there are some very different but still hard-hitting sides to the Olympics in Rio. There are two sides to everything, is all I know. Here it is for you to judge for yourself:

First the bad news. This video needs to be watched, and it def needs to be shared. Why does any nation, for any event, focus so much on the developed areas, that the poor areas of the country start blurring out. And then once the event ends, so does all the pomp and celebration, leaving the people of the country to pick up their lives again.

Then there is the other side. Why do news channels from other countries (ones not hosting the event), concentrate so much on showing the bad side to everything the host country is doing? What about the infrastructure they are improving, the jobs that hundreds of people get due to the event, all the time and effort put in by everyone and the hopes of those participating in the event? I happened to read a very well written take on this recently, do check it out here:

Stop Trying to Ruin the Olympics For Us

Lastly, a video that’s in Hindi, but do watch it, with subtitles.

All our athletes, be it from India, the US, China…whichever country it maybe, all our athletes deserve our applause, our prayers and most def our support.

That’s my humble, yet uneducated view on the whole thing. What’s yours?