So after drinking waay too much coffee, and doing loads of mad dancing, I have completely lost the ability to just sit down and relax. And hence, now I am in search of inner peace (yes, I am still searching for the missing ‘A’, but this is more imp at the moment 😛 ).  As usual, I have made a list (I love lists, I admit :P), and here it is:

Presenting my list of Essential Items On Your Search For Inner Peace:

  • Books that calm you down (Or give you tips on how to do it)

MonkWhoSoldHisFerrari_large.jpg          The-Alchemist.jpg

Okay so this isn’t necessary.But it sure helps. Mostly cause these are peaceful books and they make you think as well. And somewhere, sometime, it might just help you. Or just read through all of your favorite quotes. That’s cheaper and still works, trust me 🙂

  • An album of soothing songs ( or any sort of songs, that help you relax, I don’t judge :P):

Could be in any language, Hindi, English, or whatever your native language is…maybe even a language you don’t understand. But as long as the song soothes you, and makes you happy, it definitely should be on your playlist. You can find some of my favorite songs here : Food & Music = Love. Or maybe just play the Hakuna Matata song on a loop 😉 Even listening to the sound of waves is known to be calming.Go ahead, try it out.

  • Go for a walk, or find a swing

Take a walk by the beach, or go to your favorite park. Just enjoy the breeze, and the nature. It’s my go-to method for calming myself when I am angry, and it’s also an exercise if you jog or walk for a little longer than usual. And swings…God I love swings. I need one when listening to music, reading a book, or just day dreaming. Best thing ever 🙂

  • Have cup of green tea or take a bubble bath

I know!!! Green tea and bubble baths have no relation. But still… Green tea really does give a cleansing sensation. And try the flavored ones..I have mint green tea, rose green tea,  and what not, at home. Much better than the normal green tea. 😛 Oh and bubble baths!! They can do wonders, not just for your body but your mind as well. And it gives you time to relax and think, so why not?

In the end, I realized that just sitting down, and taking deep breaths, looking out of the window, enjoying the weather..these are all that you need to do, to acquire inner peace. Or you can join a laughing club, play with kids, sleep under the stars, do gardening… Whatever it is that you want to do, do it. Just don’t do anything else, and enjoy the time for yourself. You will end up much more refreshed and def more peaceful.

Cheers for a better life and a brighter smile 🙂 I am rooting for you my friend :*