I first met him on the train while coming back from college. I should probably tell u a little bit about myself. I study Design at the local university and travel by train everyday. There are 10 stops from the college to my house and I usually spend it reading a book, listening to music or just contemplating life .
It was a Sunday, when I met him first. I was standing in the train and clutching on to the pole for my dear life as it was not only crowded but an extremely tiring and busy day. Train comes to a sudden stop, I go crashing into the guy in the front. I apologize hastily without looking at his face and try to get back to where I was standing before. Although what killed the cat caught me too and I looked at him, to see that he was a ridiculously good looking guy who seemed to be of around my age. Just a little taller than me, wavy hair and a dark blue shirt with black jeans. My study on him ended there because he looked at me just then and I had to hide my face with my hair out of shame on being caught staring.
He got down 5 stations away from mine. I thankfully got a seat soon after that and sat down and listened to a new song I had downloaded the day before.
This went on for a week. He was always there and would get down at the same stop everyday. I think he studied at the college next to mine but I wasn’t sure. What I did know was that he seemed to have only 3 shirts which he juggled around throughout the week. Frankly I was bored and looking at him somehow brightened my day. I wanted to write about him, to tell someone about how he seemed to be an introvert, how he had a beautiful smile and how he carried his MacBook like it was his baby. From his part, he never once looked at me again and I won’t say it made me unhappy but it was slightly disappointing.
Next Sunday he got down at the station after the one he originally got down at. God knows what was the reason behind this change. He also sat down in the seat next to me but didn’t say anything and I definitely wasn’t going to talk to him first and appear any creepier.
It was exam time and I usually spent my time in the train studying for the next day’s exam. Morning my dad dropped me to college and I usually slept during the whole journey.
What of our guy in the dark blue shirt ( I think he loves the colour blue, all his clothes were of that colour)? He had started smiling at me every day and would get down at the new stop, ear phones plugged in, laptop in hand and black bag hanging on his broad shoulder.
3rd week started as usual but on Tuesday he got down three stops away from his original stop. This was getting really weird. It did get us more time together though. Not that we said a word to each other but I waved at him once and he waved back.
My friends think I am being utterly stupid and I should just talk to this guy if I find him so very fascinating. But that’s not how chick lit romances work and I am determined to be the perfect lead heroine. No saying anything till he does first. Then we shall confess our undying love for each other and walk hand in hand watching the sunset.
I don’t know about sunsets but by the 5th week he was getting down just one stop before mine and we still hadn’t spoken. And yes, I did consider the possibility that he was a serial killer and this whole him getting closer to my station thing should be freaking me out. But strangely it didn’t. He radiated warmth and happiness. I felt I could trust him despite not even knowing him.
It’s now been more than a month since I met him. Today he wore brown. The color of my eyes and what used to be my favorite colour before dark blue took over from it.
He sits down next to me and says hi. I say hi back with great difficulty since my heart was doing this weird tap dance. We smile at each other and then he says something that changed everything.
” Would you like to go have a cup of coffee with me? ”
That day we got down at my stop. Together.