Hey people!! Firstly, I tried out a new Falafel Burger recipe and it was really good. You can change some ingredients and their amounts too, to your taste. But the overall taste, I really did like. So here’s the recipe to that:

Do  let me know if you liked it 🙂 And feel free to send any recipe that you guys tried out and was amazing.. 🙂

Did anyone watch the trailer of Happy Bhaag Jayegi? I am really looking forward to this movie…. especially since Abhay Deol is back!! Another person who is back in Bollywood is Akshaye Khanna… He seems to have a major role in Dishoom. I need to watch that too.. Here’s the HBJ trailer.  3 amazing actors, one crazy story… seems like the right mix of a good entertainer. Hopefully it won’t disappoint.


So until we meet again folks, Happy Weekend 🙂