So this past month I have been reading a lot of chick lit. A lot. Not just pure chick lit, but basically books that are happy, things are good and everyone lives happily ever after. If that’s your sort of thing, and you really don’t mind if the story is predictable, as long as there are some good laughs along the way, the lead characters are relate-able and good looking (a necessity 😛 ) , then here are some books for you:

  • Sophie Kinsella’s Twenties Girl


This is one book, my friends are fed up of me talking about, I think. Because I simply love this book. 😉 For it’s quirky writing, the lead character who is exactly like me, and the little element of hope and magic in there. A must read if you love reading chick lit. And it’s nothing like Kinsella’s Confessions Of A Shopaholic btw.:D

  • Cecelia Ahern’s Thanks For the Memories


Everyone tells me Ahern’s PS I Love You is her best book. Well, I won’t know frankly cause I haven’t read it. But, I love her Thanks For The Memories. It’s an unlikely story but it’s sweet and something to escape into when you are fed up of the real world. A cup of coffee, a blanket and this book. Try it!! 😛

  • Alexandra Potter’s Who’s That Girl?


Imagine if you could meet your younger self….. That’s exactly what this is book is all about. It’s crazy , bubbly and fun. A definite read for anyone who loves chick lit. Do check out her other books too. They are equally crazy but worth the time spent on them.

So anyways these are my favorites of this genre. What’s yours?