I love reading.. and that goes for books of all genres. But somehow reading chick lit gives me an extra amount of happiness.. maybe because the characters are always so relate-able to me. Like I can’t imagine myself having super powers, or being a spy, or even being a princess from some medieval era. But being addicted to shopping and caffeine, being so clumsy you keep bumbling into things, and eating instead of exercising ? Me with a capital  M 😛 and hence the average chick lit heroines being my favorites. Before I go off topic, the books that I read this week, that started all this, were Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger and Something Blue by Emily Giffin. Loved them 🙂

Oh, another thing I wanted to say… avoid any job that makes you do cold calls at all costs. Unless you know some super nice people in good companies that actually would at least pretend to listen to you.That would be a major help.

Signing out now..but not before writing about the 4 pieces of chocolate brownie that I had today. Heavenly is the right word for them. And yes, I did this purposely since the brownies are on this side,not that. Ha! 😀

Sorry dear readers. I am slightly on a sugar rush owing to the chocolate and caffeine that I keep having to survive the aforementioned cold calls phase .. bear with me 😀

Have a great day everyone 🙂