Anna thought of Ricky and smiled. Her eldest child would finally be home next month. That too after 4 years.
Getting shot, not being able to see family and friends for years at a time,all the blood and violence that happened across the border.. Nothing seemed to deter this kid. And this was the same person who used to refuse to get up early in the morning, who had to be pushed to take up sports and not sit and watch TV all day.
Ah how everything changed after her husband’s death… It was his wish that Ricky was fulfilling. Matt had wanted his son to go to the army and his favorite, his daughter, to take up medicine. The two noble professions according to him.
And that was what happened. Ricky went off to the army and Ju became a cardiologist.
Anna smiled thinking of how proud her kids had made her. Especially Ricky. It was not everyone who had a daughter serving in the army.