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Friday = Food day

Hey all you wonderful people!! Sorry I have been missing since like ages..  I have been dancing and working, and overall, had time for just sleeping the rest of the day 😛 But, I am back!! Now Fridays for me,... Continue Reading →


Hanuman’s Warriors – Grey Langur

A beautiful account of the writer’s meeting with the Grey Langurs, which transported me to Rajasthan and made me wish, I too had the chance to meet them.

Incidental Naturalist

According to Hindu scripture, during the great battle of Lanka, Hanuman, the monkey god, was in trouble. He had been captured, and fires raged all around. Help came in the unlikely form of a troop of Grey Langurs, who rushed to assist Hanuman, resulting in scorched black faces, and a revered status in Hindu culture that persists to this day.

While visiting the great north Indian state of Rajasthan, I traveled from Jaipur to Ranthambhore National Park, chasing a dream of seeing a wild Royal Bengal Tiger.  Ranthambhore oozes history, spirituality, and a spellbinding sense of the exotic. Since 1754, the wilderness now known as Ranthambhore National Park, was maintained as the private hunting preserve of the Maharajas of Jaipur. In 1980 the Indian government declared the 392 km² (150 square miles) area a National Park, dedicated to the protection of tigers.

DSC_1246 A Ranthambhore Royal Bengal Tiger studies me through the trees


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Tale 17

Sun sets on another day,  There hasn't been much work,  Forget pay; Seeds remain seeds,  Stomachs remain the same,  Begging on streets,  Shame, what shame?  Ropes cost less,  Vomit, not blood, makes more mess Another sunrise,  Another sunset,  Kids don't... Continue Reading →

Advice to College Graduates Contemplating the Writing Life

Source: Advice to College Graduates Contemplating the Writing Life

Supporting A Worthy Cause

It's June!! In this part of the world, it's the month when schools and colleges close and everyone is way too free, but can't step out cause of the blazing heat (Read around 38degree Celsius). Well it's the best month... Continue Reading →

The Baahubali Effect and Chettinad Mushroom Biryani

Greetings earthlings!! Yes, I know I haven't written anything in ages (covers face). Forgive me 😛 What have I been doing? Watching movies and chilling.. Playing cards also. Judgement, poker, bluff, the works...except without any real money since I am... Continue Reading →

Tale 16

'Too thin, all bones and skin, Too fat,we can roll you down the hill,on and on and on. Your clothes are too tight, who do plan to seduce tonight? All covered up? Frumpy old lady, loosen up. Hey there, you... Continue Reading →

Shape of you and Maggi

Hey beautiful people!! I know, it's been ages since I have posted anything. I have been super busy writing on other platforms, I apologize for that (covers face). Where do I write? Well, there's Mirakee (, and there is Wattpad.... Continue Reading →

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