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Skin friendly food

If there is one thing I am always, always worried about, it's my skin. For more details on that, head over to this post. So that means at least once a week I try to read up online on 'new... Continue Reading →


Marvel Avengers Book Tag — Kristin Kraves Books

I found this tag on the wonderful Sara’s blog The Bibliophagist. I am seeing Avengers: Endgame tonight and I thought that there was no perfect time to do this tag. I, along with many others, having been anticipating this movies... Continue Reading →


Suppressing men will not empower women in any way.  One form of discrimination CANNOT be solved by discriminating against the opposite gender. Men face discrimination too, it's time we discussed that.

Chaos and Clothes

About a week ago, I came to a realization that, I am going to claim, changed my life. I finally opened my eyes to the fact that my wardrobe resembled a garbage dump (of clothes). Basically there was a hugeeeee... Continue Reading →

(NOT) Happily Ever After

here's my list of reasons that shouldn't be why you decide to get married (and yes, all these reasons have been given to my friends and people I know. So people do say these kind of things.)

Reading List 2019

January 2019 is almost over!! How fast was that? (And for some strange reason 2018 felt both longgg and way too short.. I didn't get anything done because there wasn't enough time, but it felt so long cause I didn't... Continue Reading →

It’s not me, it’s you

I love languages. I love literature too and try and read books that have been translated from other languages into English, whenever I can. There is a beauty in words. (I am more or less obsessed with reading and writing, as... Continue Reading →

It Happens. Period.

Disclaimer: Yes, this post is about periods. Menstruation. Call it whatever you want. If that makes you feel disgusted, you may stop reading now.Thank you. When God created men and women, he or she (let's keep our minds open here) created... Continue Reading →

A leafy matter

Everyone who cannot imagine having a dish majorly consisting of a particular leaf or herb, stop reading now 😛 Everyone else, hey guys ! Okay so I was in the former category.. I did like coriander, mint, parsley, dried fenugreek,... Continue Reading →

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